Looking Back: May 28 2017 to June 4 2017

Howdy, I'm Sam.

What have I done this week? Well, a lot. I think. Let's see, I

  1. Moved to Washington (temporarily, for the next 3 months)
  2. Started my second program management internship at Microsoft (working on the Office team)
  3. Stopped having allergies because I’m allergic to everything in Texas and nothing in Washington
  4. Started exercising by following the recommended beginners calisthenics routine (we’ll see how long that lasts; I’m hopeful, though)
  5. Released a videogame I worked on this past semester that I’m really proud of (you should check it out <3)
  6. Hiked up Rattlesnake Ledge with some pals
  7. Made a 3D model for some texturing practice
  8. Got this website up and running

Let’s go through these.

Moving and Working and Allergies

I'm a CS student who goes to *the* University of Texas at Austin, and I got a pretty sweet gig last year with Microsoft. I did well enough for them to ask me to come back, so I did.

I snagged an AirBnB in Seattle proper, and I'm hoping to explore the city more than I did last year (last summer, I was living in Issaquah and not Seattle). My fiancé Marcela will be joining me next week, so I'm looking forward to that :) here's a view from my office:

office view


So far, I like the routine I picked up. I probably won't talk about it much from here on out, but maybe if I make some progress in the future I'll mention it again.

Game Release and Model

So my team and I officially released the game we made as part of our 3D Game Design Capstone course. I'm thinking I should make a proper blog post about that and upload it to medium, a postmortem of sorts from my perspective.

Now, I'm looking into how I can market the game. I'm thinking I'll just send it to a bunch of small Youtubers that like to play this kind of stuff, but we'll see how it goes. For now, it's a resume piece for me and something I'm very proud of, and that's good enough for me :)

Here's the model I made for texturing practice:


I enjoy hiking. I'm not a hardcore hiker by any means, but I try to take advantage of all the cool nature places nearby. Me and some friends went on this hike and I really liked it. It didn't have as many cool things on the trail itself, but the first lookout point was just beautiful.

Here's a pano from the first (and most popular) lookout point on the hike:

rattlesnake ridge

After grabbing some Thai food afterwards, we went to Snoqualmie Falls, my favorite waterfall:

snoqualmie falls


Check out my first post for more on that.